Friday, October 1, 2010

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

After school today, Ava, Isaiah, and I went to The Berry Patch.  Ava was there a long time ago when she was 9 months, but this was new to Isaiah.  We started out by walking to the raspberry patch to pick, pick, and pick.  Ava and Isaiah had their own bucket and really enjoyed it.  It's amazing how they could notice the red ones that I couldn't even see.  After that we continued to walk to the apple trees.  Ava and Isaiah enjoyed picking some kind of red apple (I can't remember what kind) and Golden Delicious apples.  The workers at the patch said that due to the weather we had this year, the pumkpins where not very plentiful.  We didn't go out to the field to get them but instead chose from the ones they had available around the farm.  They both picked out two big orange ones, 2 small ones, and a white one.  These are really neat!  When we checked out we added a few Honey Crisp apples to the batch.  On the way home Ava ate most of her apple and all that was left of Isaiah's was the stem and a little piece.  I think an apple tree will be growing in him soon.    They had a blast!

Sleeping Beauty and Buzz Lightyear

After seeing my little sister so successful at doing daily blogs, I've decided to venture out and try one.  With teaching, Andy coaching, and playing with the kids all night, it's hard to communicate to everyone how our family is doing.  I hope you enjoy the little moments that continue to amaze us everyday.

Today Ava and Isaiah went to Target for almost an hour and a half.  Our mission was to find Halloween costumes but somehow we managed to add tons of bath products, tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes, playdough, clothes, jack-o-lanterns, and finally Ava's Sleeping Beauty costume.  She seems to think that Sleeping Beatuy will be her trick or treat outfit here for Halloween and that she is going to be Hannah Montanta for Disney. I'm not sure she is understanding that Mickey's Very Merry Christmas is not a dress up party.

Isaiah's Buzz costume was no where to be found.  Tonight I ordered his costume online along with an inflatable wing backpack that he will wear over his costume.  It's really cute.  When his costume comes in, I will post some pictures of them.

Tomorrow Andy's football team is playing at Clear Lake so I decided to take the kids to The Berry Patch for pumpkins.  We already have some pretty big ones I bought from the store, but I thought Ava and Isaiah would love choosing some of their own from a real patch. 

Happy Friday to everyone!